Coming back with a positive vengeance

Oh, look what you made me do. More like, look what I’m about to do. Generations of Cinderellas has been a pet project for me for quite some time, but due to my inability to hang on to a healthy routine for more than 5 whole days, it too fell off to the waste side. Along with my goal of daily meditation. Or my gym routine. I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY.

That being said, not all is lost. I made some positive changes in my life (which we’ll get to later – don’t want to open up TOO soon here) and things are going really well. My relationships feel better, my mindset and anxiety management is better. Things are looking up. Which is why I wanted to go back to the drawing board. Talk about how I cope with my anxiety – usually a mix of good, bad and humorous habits – and create a community where others can share their stories as well.

What you’ll find here:

  • Funny stories about my drunken past
  • Not so funny stories about my drunken past
  • Things I do to stay calm during unwarranted panic attacks
  • What I try to do to stay healthy in moderation – hint: it sure isn’t the cleanest of eating
  • Other sources that I find invaluable when managing Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Because shit’s about to get kind of real, I am writing under a pseudonym for now. Hopefully that doesn’t deter you from enjoying the content and finding something useful or at least something that makes you laugh. Have something you want to chat about? Hit me up at info(at)generationofcinderellas(dot)com.