Generations of Cinderellas was created to combat the oversaturated digital landscape filled with accounts telling you how to live your “best” life while simultaneously face tuning the shit out of their photos. We don’t want to be instafamous, nor do we want to wake up early every morning to show you how to make your own celery juice from scratch.

We just want to provide a forum for those who don’t have it all figured out. We hear you and we’re here for you.

Generation of Cinderella’s site creator has posted up shop in Denver for the last eleven years. She constantly gets told to stop yelling, even though she just has a naturally loud voice and a Chi Town accent. This accent is especially noticeable after a few too many drinks.

By day she is a digital marketer and by night she writes about her experiences living outwardly as an almost 30 year old millennial woman living with generalized anxiety disorder who definitely could eat healthier and drink less.

Our favorite motto is: Everything is Fine.

Disclaimer: By no means are we health professionals. Our advice in articles are for entertainment purposes only (and if it helps you feel better, that’s fucking awesome too.)  In certain articles, we may use affiliate links. This allows us to get commission for recommendations that we make on site. All of our opinions are our own.